What Is The Social Issue In Thirteen Reasons Why

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Fictional stories teach the students valuable lessons about life that nonfiction books might not be able to. Fictional books not only bring creativity to the classroom, but also gives the students a chance to think outside the box. These fictional stories provide a new and different way to comprehend the curriculum. For example, in the story Thirteen Reasons Why written by Jay Asher, it teaches the audience an important lesson about bullying. Most students witness these social issues on a daily basis. So why take away the one thing students can relate to?

The social issue in Thirteen Reasons Why is bullying. This is a very important issue to address in the classroom because almost every student is surrounded by this type of behavior at school. As stated in the article Bullying and Suicide Statistics written by Matt Dickinson “10 to 14 year old girls may be at an even higher risk for suicide.” This is one of the many examples of fictional stories that should be taught at school or be incorporated in the curriculum. Bullying is the act of hurting someone mentally or physically on purpose. In the book Clay Jensen says “I know who Hannah is talking about. I've seen his wrist-grabbing stunt before”. This quote shows the reader that she was assaulted physically and it was common. This could impact the reader in several
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He soons discovers that these cassette tapes reveal the reason why Hannah Baker killed herself. Clay then needs to listen to all the cassette tapes to figure out why they were delivered to him and why he is one out of 13 reasons why Hannah committed suicide. Clay questions why he is part of her tapes and what he did wrong. This book provides many different points of and has a very deep message to it. This is an essential book to read because many kids might be able to relate to the social issues Hannah Baker goes through in the
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