What Is The Statement Of Purpose In Mechanical Engineering

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Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
University of Illinois Chicago, Fall 2014

Statement of Purpose by Samuel Devdas
The undergraduate curriculum in Mechanical Engineering at RTM Nagpur University introduced a wide gamut of subjects, both in and outside the field. These courses enabled me to understand the field of Mechanical Engineering on the whole. In my opinion, having just a bachelor degree would not allow me to narrow down my research areas for further doctoral thesis. Thus, my purpose to join Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MSME) at University of Illinois Chicago is to understand thoroughly all the research aspects of Mechanical Engineering, which would indeed facilitate me to keep up my research work in Design and Nanoengineering.
My undergraduate experience has been a very exciting journey. I was amazed to learn how the principles of mechanical engineering touch the lives of every human being. It made me clear that mechanical sciences simplifies the lives of people involved in industry and also the masses through ceaseless development in design and manufacturing areas, making it efficient, safe, cost effective and most importantly environment friendly. Holding a
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Firstly, it has availability of research facilities like Multiscale Mechanics and Nanotechnology Laboratory with Microfabrication Facility, Nanomaterials and Energy Systems Laboratory and Sustainable Manufacturing Systems Research Laboratory- Dr. Lin Li which provides immense opportunities for interdisciplinary research which will allow me to broaden my specialization with newer and comprehensive research from other spheres of engineering. Also, the cultural diversity, one of the strongest pillars of the university will help me to absorb such diverse cultural backgrounds from across the world which will further enhance my understanding and
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