What Is The Summary Of Three Sovereigns For Psana

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The Author is Victor Pisano
This movie is about witchcraft it took place in 1692 in Salem Massachusetts. I think that the most important thing in the movie is the girls that are sick and the people at the trials. The girls that were sick they were playing a game one of the girls Abigail was acting like she was possessed she is playing an amazing part in this movie the other girls that are sick are acting strange to. The girls turn in sarah at the trial and said that she beat them but none of that is true it's all a lie so she gets taken away and thrown in jail. They pressed this one guy he was squished to death. Some others were thrown into jail with the others. The master beats the slave she showed the girls witchcraft so he beat her with a stick. All the people that were supposedly sick were acting strange like Abigail i don’t know hows shes doing it she is playing a good part in the movie Three Sovereigns for Sarah.
There were so many people that were accused at their trials. They were found guilty and they suffered the consequences and hung from the hanging tree. Sarah Cloyce was accused and moved to a shack pardoned died three months later after absolution. This is based on a true story about two sisters that go to trial for suspicion of witchcraft.
There was nineteen hangings and one pressed to death that's when Sarah Cloyce was released from the shed. Dorris mother told her to tell them that she was a witch so she would be released because the mom was taken away
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