What Is The Sustainable Supply Chain?

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In recent years sustainable supply chain management is one of the most interesting issues among supply chain experts. The sustainable supply chain focuses on social, environmental and economic performance measures as main pillars of sustainability. Environmental aspects of the sustainable supply chain include input- oriented factors such as renewable energy sources, natural resources, water and energy consumption or water quality, while output- oriented factors concentrate on waste and pollution[1]. In New Zealand, natural environment provides various benefits such as high quality of life, tourism attraction and basis for the country’s large exports of agriculture. Water pollution and climate change are the main concerns of the country as…show more content…
The main question regarding this matter is “do the change in transportation modes of New Zealand agricultural products affect the environmental aspects of the supply chain?” And “who is responsible for the emissions associated with these strategies?” On the other hand, the environmental effects of cross-boundary transportation excluded from the Greenhouse Gases accounts, which is the specific motivation of this study. In this research, we are going to focus on the upstream supply chain, the portion that includes producer and distributor. An optimal producer and distributor supply chain design with the objectives of greenhouse gas emission cost and other explicit operating costs will be presented to find out the need of considering a tax for emission and also how much the price of emission need to be in order to minimise it. Literature Review Continuing “business as usual” will lead to huge increase in the amount of CO2 by the end of the century which its effects are not fully recognised but some of the obvious consequences include implications for agriculture, rise in sea level, changes in the system of world’s weather, etc. [5]. Transportation system not only has a great effect on the sustainability of the planet but also it must be sustainable itself to be affordable for all people in terms of economic and social opportunities for a
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