What Is The Temperate Forest Biome?

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The temperate forest is characterized by a climate with high levels of precipitation and humidity, thick soil, deciduous, leaf shedding trees and four different seasons. These elements support a wide variety of plants, animals and resources that permit life to flourish and thrive. The temperate forest biome is located throughout the planet including parts of North America, Europe and Asia.
The temperate forest’s abiotic factors of weather and temperature are distinct. These forests experience mild summers and winters with temperatures varying from -30° C to 30° C. Because of seasons of winter, spring, summer and fall, precipitation occurs primarily in the form of rainfall and snow of 75-150 cm annually. Temperate forests are the world’s
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This tree variety provides shelter for many species of animals. Birds live in nests on their branches and larger animals, like squirrels and raccoons are able to find refuge in the hollowed areas of the thick, sturdy bark of the tree. The Northern Red Oak grows very tall and wide, nourished by a deep ground root system. This species produces an abundance of seeds an acorn that serve as a food source for many of this biomes animals. Expansion of the red oak tree is assured as the droppings of animals feeding on the plentiful acorns, supplied by the oak, are spread throughout the biome. The red oak is deciduous and adapts to the climate of the biome, dropping its leaves as the weather transitions to cooler and potentially…show more content…
Since it is so thick, it holds the ground together, protecting it from erosion. The moss is home to many types of bugs such as spiders and ants and supplies food to the animals’ dependent upon insects for food. Carpet moss can produce sexually or asexually depending on where it is present. They make sporophyte that are stalks that grow from the female plant in sexual reproduction. The capsule on the end of the stalks then produces spores that release into the air to grow more moss. They produce asexually when the moss is split into multiple parts. The method of reproduction moss uses demonstrates how it has adapted to its environment. The abundance of spores moss releases shows that it has adapted to be very prolific, and spread
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