What Is The Theme Between Essay And The Catcher In The Rye

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After watching the movie A Rebel Without a Cause and reading Catcher in the Rye they both share the theme of Loss of Innocence. Both the novel and the movie went by is that life is too short to grow up and be responsible. Loss of innocence is shown in both because both main characters are trying to anything possible to protect someone they love. In the novel Catcher in the Rye the Holden Caulfield a 16 year old kid that goes to Pencey Prep School. He had just gotten expelled from Pencey Prep because he had just failed four of his 5 classes. Holden really cares about other people lose their innocence and honor. Holden's parents do not take responsibility of him. He faces issues with sex and acting his age. He also struggles with the fact that he lost his brother. One thing that Holden wants to prevent other kids from doing is growing up.…show more content…
The characters that play a big role in the movie are Judy, Jim and Plato. Plato has had problems ever since he was young because his parents were not there for him. That is the reason that is stopping him from growing up and becoming an adult. His parents don't care much about how he's doing. In the movie Plato invited other characters to his house and he mentioned that he didn't have anyone to talk to. He also said that they could have breakfast in the morning like he and his dad used too. His parents not being around have caused his not to become an adult and that is why he is losing his innocence.

To conclude both the Catcher in The Rye and Rebel Without a Cause share the theme of loss of innocence. Characters in both have trouble do not want to grow up because in their early life they lack parenthood and they did up to the point where they could become adults. Holden tried stopping people from growing up to saying that they did not know what they were getting into. Loss of innocence was the theme that they
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