What Is The Theme Of Alienation In Night By Elie Wiesel

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The novel Night by Eliezer Wiesel tells the tale of a young Elie Wiesel and his experience in the concentration camps,and his fight to stay alive . The tragic story shows the jewish people during the Holocaust and their alienation from the world. Elie’s experience changes him mentally, and all actions in taken while in the concentration were based on one thing...Survival.
In the book, Elie talks a little about life before the Germans came in and forced them to give up their humanity. During this time, life was fairly normal and Elie spent his time studying the Zohar with a man name Moishe. Even when Moishe was forced to leave, because he was a foreign jew, not much changed; he continued studying the kabbalistic works and building a relationship with god. It isn’t until Moishe’s return that people start becoming slightly worried, but it still wasn’t enough to really cause a stir within the community. Most citizens just assumed Moishe was crazy whenever he tried to tell people his experiences away from the town. When German police came into the city, people finally began to worry. It was known throughout the town that Hitler had planned to destroy the race of jews but people didn’t believe that one man could manage to kill an entire race. For a time people and the police coexisted with some amount of peace, but then came the ghettos.
The ghettos are the first form of Alienation we see in the novel. The ghettos were places that the jews were forced to live in. Elie’s home
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