What Is The Theme Of Alissa By C. J. Moore

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Name: Latifa nooorzad ID: 160205 Teacher name: John Remarek Date: 12 12 2017 In the “Alissa” written by C.J Moore, has many ideas explained in the short story about a little grail like reading and going to school. She had in a bad situation on with her poor family she didn’t allow to study instead of study she work as a salve she was a hopeful girl. Did she get reading but why her father sends to city with fat men? So, she wants to read and going to school but, her father because of her poor situation to get money that is why, then she found a kind lady. She finally achieves their goals going to school and read a book. Firstly, a little girl very upset she is living in village with family in a poor situation. But, she always read the book. Her father was very bad men he doesn’t care about her daughter. Alissa has one book she always readied those book. She likes bought another book bud she doesn’t have money. Then her father sent her to city for work…show more content…
One day she leaves her purse in the shop and then Alissa returned back to rich lady. “Here is your purse”, (12). When she run to the shop the owners of the shop shouts at her then she was very angry the owner of shop says a lot of slang at her and she cried then the rich lady said “wait”. The rich lady asks to Alissa what do you want then she said “I want to go to school” (15). Then the rich lady said she will going with me, and she will going to school finally Alissa was very happy. In reality the behave of people are different same people are kind and some people are not, for example rich lady was kind she understand Alissa is a honest and smart grail and the end she achieves her goal but, the owner of shop don’t understand
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