What Is The Theme Of Diaspora By Kiran Desai

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Gyan accused her slavery towards the western culture and considered the reason for not getting opportunity anywhere because of people like her. When he saw her anger of not being the culprit even she was put on stake. Later Gyan apologizes for being so mean and she accepted his apology. Gyan went to a canteen with a feeling of religious and the political concerns which creeped over him. He told to his revolutionary partners about, how he was forced to earn money by tutoring. He started hating Jemubhai and Sai, he hates the fake English accent and their brown face powdered pink and white. All these feelings made him to take revenge to get their political and basic human rights. “When Gyan is caught up in the Gorkha National Liberation Front…show more content…
As a writer of Diaspora she avoids the sentimental cry of ‘dislocation’ or ‘alienation’ but she exposures the difficulty of their suffering. In her personal life, she faced the suffering of obtaining a passport and struggled to get American citizenship. She faced a lot of sufferings in her own life because she also an immigrant family, she born in India and later she moved to America. This novel is not only story for her, because she faced direct sufferings of the immigrant people it refers her own sufferings also. She wanted to be an official American citizen without surrounding her basic identity as an Indian citizen. Still, she didn’t get her legalized American citizen. The wealthy society of America has become the land of promises and dreams for all those who are weak, deprived and are enduring in a state of unhappiness. The steady shift to the multi-cultural society of America has led to dual consciousness among all immigrants. The global economy of America might have ensured growth and prosperity. Salman Rushdie, in his Imaginary Homelands made an reflection of the difficulty of immigrants has come across a very major conclusion: “Human beings do not perceive things whole; we are not Gods but wounded…show more content…
It travels through diverse location with a common guess that modern age is nothing but an Inheritance of Loss. The life of immigrants is planned through the life of Biju who goes to America agreed the project of a cook in an English restaurant. Throughout the novel, the cook. Biju’s father, ruins in misconceptions regarding the life of immigrants. Through the letters of Biju, he builds the image that America is a land of dreams and promises. In one of his letters Biju writes, “No need to worry: everything is fine. The manager has offered me a full time waiter position. Uniform and food will be given by them. Angrezi khana only, no Indian food and owner is not from India. He is from America itself” ( IOL, Pg., No:140). In this declaration of guilt, the unqualified acceptance of authority of America is marked. For Biju, immigration is a load. Biju sends America by his father to improvise his status form low level. Biju comes to a bitter awareness on the situation of immigrant. Desai aptly reveals her own feelings and thoughts clearly through Biju. The readers surely concern with the Biju’s character. Stuart Hall, in his study on multiculturalism, checks that in the progress of migration, the idea of “otherness” and the consciousness of ethnicity merely confirm about the situation of immigrants in the west. He
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