What Is The Theme Of Her Choice Of Life By Richard Dalloway

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All events happened after the World WarⅠ, the war trauma still influenced the whole society. Excessive pursuit of materialism deforms previously loft value system, the feeling of alienation, strangeness, loneliness pervading the individualisms. The whole story began with the preparation for the evening party, Clarissa buying flowers, and ended with the party. Although the time span just is in a day, we are able to familiar with the protagonists’ personalities through the technique of stream of consciousness, narrations by different narrators and multi perspectives. It seems that there is no relevance between Clarissa and Septimus Warren Smith, but in fact, their destinies are bound together.
Ⅰ. The Consciousness of Life and Death Interweaving
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Her Choice for Life
Clarissa is a brilliant woman, who is tremendously clear what she wants. She did not choose Peter Walsh, who is her past lover, a pure and wonderful love, because Peter cannot satisfy her desires. While Richard Dalloway is Clarissa’s practical, simple husband, who works in government, representing the life of class, which is the fame Clarissa wants and is mature to care for Clarissa, when Clarissa encounters the trouble, not knowing how to do, but Richard can deal with it well. She loves the social relationships, holding a party which makes her feel that she achieves her value.
B. Clarissa’s Fear for
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They both like the works of Shakespeare. Septimus is volunteered to be a soldier, for his lover and his country. He is so enthusiasm to throw him into the war. However, after the war, he reminds his behavior when he was at war. When he saw his friend died in battle, he was indifferent and he was proud for his reason. He feels lucky enough that he was not hit by the bomb. However, when the peace arrives, he finds that he has lost the capacity of feeling, so he engages with Lucrecia. But the nightmare of war devours him, he is full of guilty. In the end, he jumped to his death from the floor. When Clarissa heard that the death of Septimus, she knows what is life, and she would be more positive to face her
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