What Is The Theme Of Innocence In The Marigolds

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A child holds innocence from a young age and does not understand the importance of having compassion. As a child's innocence gradually fades away due to maturity, he or she transforms into a compassionate person. In a coming of age short story called, “Marigolds,” the author Eugenia Collier writes about a series of events about a young girl, named Lizabeth, develops into a compassionate person. Lizabeth narrates these events in a flashback that involves the marigolds of her neighbor, Miss Lottie. Miss Lottie's marigolds represented the essence of hope in the midst of the town, filled with dust and dirt. Despite the dirt and dusty roads that were accompanied by the house, Miss Lottie decided to plant her marigolds. The effect of economic struggles the townspeople go through causes Lizabeth to destroy Miss Lottie's marigolds. Throughout the short story,…show more content…
The three events that show the argument is when Lizabeth hesitates before throwing the rocks at the marigolds, hearing the sounds of her father's sorrowful cries about his financial stability, and the destruction of Miss Lottie’s marigolds. Collier’s argument in “Marigolds” was that one cannot have both compassion and innocence and is revealed through the event when Lizabeth decides to throw rocks at the marigolds. Lizabeth’s compassionate trait develops when she realizes her actions are wrong towards the marigolds.. Before Lizabeth’s plan, all of the children thought the marigolds did not fit well with Miss Lottie’s house so they decide to destroy the flowers. As a result, Lizabeth already knew what was going to happen to the marigolds, but “I just stood there peering through the bushes, torn between wanting to join the fun and feeling that it was all a bit silly” (26). When
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