What Is The Theme Of Into The Great Wide Open Poem

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Imagine that you wake up in hollywood with a girl that you just met. This is what happened to Eddie in the great wide open. Eddie is an 18 year old that when he finished high school he traveled to hollywood. He got a tattoo and met a girl in hollywood, he moved in with that girl too. “Into the Great Wide Open” by Tom Petty, is a story about a kid who took his chances in hollywood on becoming a musician, this story is using a changing tone, and an unrealistic fashion. “Into the Great wide Open” details the rise and fall of Eddie, a young man with dreams of stardom. He moved out to hollywood to follow his dream. He went right from highschool to hollywood, having no idea if he will succeed. Luck was in his corner and when he got to hollywood…show more content…
Eddie at the beginning of the story was hopeful that his career would succeed.Everything started going well for him, people said he played from the heart. He was starting to show that he had money, he got a leather jacket and and wore a chain. He made 1 record that went to the charts. When he went to hollywood he met a girl immediately and moved in with her. Not only that she taught him how to play the guitar which started his music career.Eddie started to become successful however when the A&R man told him that he doesn't hear a single. His music career was basically over, he had no idea what to do, he was confused. He was lost, he had no career when his A&R man fired him, he is “a rebel without a…show more content…
This story came to life from the mind of Tom Petty, its show how Eddies life started so great. Then everything changed for him, every thing he worked for just fell apart. It is a very common thing to happen, people run into failure all the time, soemthimes it just happens and other times its because of something they did. A simular situation happens to many people in real, but for bill cosby it was his own doing. What Bill cosby did to his career, it never recover from it, but what will Eddie do, will he go back to a musician or will he go home, can Eddies career even
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