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'Mrs. Sen’ is the sixth story of this collection in which Lahiri has portrayed proficiently and successfully the problems of immigrants such as displacement, restlessness, discrimination and marginalization in the migrated country, even after having found a place to settle in. This story exhibits the troubles faced by an Indian wife in a foreign culture. Mrs.Sen is one of two main characters in this story. She is a friendless woman who hopelessly misses her native place Calcutta, her home. Her husband took a job as a professor in a New England town. Life is very different for her there. She refuses to learn to drive because it’s not her interest, but the rejection also limits her experiences in her new country. She becomes a babysitter for…show more content…
Her tales of the lost luxuries of her life before separation entertain the residents, though they suppose that the tales hold on a few rudiments of truth. Boori Ma is accused of alerting robbers when a recently-installed basin is stolen from the stairwell. She is dependent on the power of her memories (or delusions) and on the kindness of her neighbors. When she loses the latter, she cannot maintain the former. A kind woman who browbeats her husband in ‘A Real Durwan’ is Mrs.Dalal. Despite her soft spot for Boori Ma, Dalal lets her discontent with her life be known. She is kind to Boori Ma, and offers to buy a new set of bedding for the old woman. But while Mrs. Dalal is a major figure in Boori Ma's life, the old woman is just a footnote for Mrs. Dalal. She forgets about the new bedding after the arrival of the basins. Most probably, she would have prohibited Boori Ma's exclusion had she not been out of…show more content…
Her yearning for the Indian sensibility bears the stamp of a vagrant searching for her lost home. She is as if in self exile. Thus, the collection of short stories by Jhumpa Lahiri are based on the predicaments and inner turmoils of Indian immigrants in the United States. These characters have been uprooted from the secure life mode of a traditional set up and are struggling to cope with the new environment by learning new strategies and cope up methods, but in order to provide an alternate life mode, such learning has to be lived and experienced at first hand. Her fiction establishes a certain Indo-American cultural link, in the post colonial context. She had made a search for identity with an emotional empathy through her female protagonists. The greatness of her writings is in making the tale of human idiosyncrasies thought-provoking and soul searching. Jhumpa Lahiri does not explicitly points out the remedy. She has presented all women characters as they are in real life, but these characters, in one way for the other, teach the lesson of humility and equality, and motivate us to retain the good of the past in the face of the challenge of life with the head held high almost all the stories end on a positive note, with the hope of a

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