What Is The Theme Of Night By Elie Wiesel Dehumanization

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“ He was so terrible that he was no longer terrible only dehumanization” (Scott Fitzgerald). “Night” written by Elie Wiesel published 1960. This memoir was very sad it showed lots of anti-semitism hatred against Jews it showed how it was back then. Elie really showed us the emotion in words he really put the action in words that harder then what it sounds. Dehumanization were a nazi treats a Jew like they are nothing it makes them less than what they really are.
In the novel, one important aspect of dehumanization is that they force all the Jews out of there houses leave everything behind and only carry a bag of close to stay in a camp. This process was very painful for them. First they were forced to leave their homes with a bag of cloths and put on a train for several hours some would survive the trip and some would’nt. “If anyone is missing you’ll be shot like dogs”(34). I chose this quote because when they would try to escape they would all be shot they were
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They would definitely dehumanized the Jews by putting numbers on their arm they would tatoo any age of person.” The three veterans with needles in their left arm i became A-7713”(39). When they would go to the camps they would tattoo on there left arm and that’s how they would be recognized. They would be called by that number. In Conclusion, They would tattoo any age and they would propably forget their own name.
In conclusion, dehumanization was a huge and terrible part of the holocaust because the nazi would treat all Jews like nothing they would feel like less than what they really are. Dehumanization is a process where nazi would treat the Jews like they are nothing to them. They would force them into camps and they would hang them then they would tattoo them a number and that’s how they went by all of these were examples of
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