What Is The Theme Of Snow Like Ashes Book

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Through the cold, number weather, all that is seen is destroyed land covered in snow. Instead of seeing a happy home, filled with warmth and love, there is nothing but isolated land. There is no one around you except your fellow survivors, everyone else is gone. They've been lost to villains, a kingdom who will stop at nothing to gain control of everything. Sara Raasch’s captivating book Snow Like Ashes takes you on an adventure of fantasy and politics; where you learn the story of Meira, a refugee of the lost kingdom, Winter. Enter the world of Meira, a strong woman who has lost everything, this orphan is ready to go on an adventure to free innocents who have been captured. Many eleven to fifteen year olds will enjoy the mission of Meira…show more content…
It establishes your characters’ world so that the reader is fully engaged and it makes the book unbelievable. As the book revolves around saving Winter, creating the world so that the reader can imagine the world strengthens their fight. The dialogue between the characters and Meira thoughts build Primoria in a fantastic way. The mix of dialogue and scenery incorporated in the book gives you a clear image of Meira's life struggles; references to the destroyed kingdom and lost lives spoken through dialogue allows you to feel Meiras real emotions and how she faces her hardships. As they describe the destroyed Winter, and the other kingdoms, it also changes the tone of the book and makes you feel many different emotions. As the plot continues throughout the book, she starts to view herself differently. We do not just see her as a warrior and survivor, but as kind and warm person. As Meira and the other fight against Angra, we are able to distinguish that the protagonist is Meira, and the antagonist is Angra. The kingdom Spring and its leader Angra’s attacks and cruelty keeps the plot and conflicts ongoing and full of surprises. Raasch highly succeeded in characterization. For example, in her description of Theron, the prince of Cordell, you can understand he is selfless, artistic, optimistic, and very helpful. The characterization shapes the character, and you are
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