What Is The Theme Of Storm Warnings By Adrienne Rich

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Throughout the poem Storm Warnings by the Adrienne Rich, Rich examines the deep sense of alignment between storms in the physical state, and those that hold similar ties emotionally within ourselves individually. Written in 1951, the poem progresses through the stages of initially preparing for the onset of the storm, recognizing the immensity of the storm, and lastly taking a place of refuge to weather the storm. The poem continues to question and delve into the anticipation of the storm as well as the confusion that is to come, as our human created instruments can’t measure such arbitrary units. This greatly influences a significant conflict within the poem, a clash between the idea of order and function that humans tend to naturally create,…show more content…
The wind and the conflict that is inherited between the two can be expanded as a sense of symbolism when examining the conflicts that rise and subside within ourselves. As the core of a conflict or worry becomes closer and closer to direct confrontation, there remain distant reaches of negative attributions to the conflicts. These can include jealousy, mockery, selflessness, all qualities that drift from the core of conflict. Rich also takes valuable time to elaborate and vindicate on the qualities and importance of a removal from the normalities of the comfort zone within the opening stanzas. The poem opens with a direct statement “The glass has been falling all the afternoon”(1). This quote refers to the readings expressed on a barometer or thermometer in the wake of the ongoing storm that is traveling in. Such a focus on the “glass” falling specifically implies a fragility, especially to the balance of the readings that often display upon the instrument. This also drives the reader to consider the digression from the sense of comfort remarked above. It implies a degree of destruction or unrest both within the literal and physical realm, but also elaborating into the emotional realm. It is not…show more content…
The construction of barriers between the storm and the individual is our only defense. We must assume some degree of helplessness in this universe that forces a resignation of humanly powers, while holding onto even the smallest elements of hope within. Rich finds it crucial to create differentiation between the environments on the interior and exterior of the home that the poem is set in, and drawing comparisons between the two, specifically how the two environments are becoming increasingly similar. Through the physical barriers, including our meager ability to “only close the shutters”(21) or “draw the curtains as the sky goes black”(22), these means of closure from the exterior seem somewhat pathetic when compared to the total immensity of the storm. Through Rich drawing attention on only one house throughout the entirety of the poem, she begins to draw singular connections between the home that the narrator resides in, and the heart that meekly sags under the weight of emotion. The home is a place of comfort, a place that wholeheartedly deserves to be protected. The home is a similar vestibule to that of the heart in terms that it is a gathering of emotions, memories, and of sentiment. In order to weather the storms that we all face, we must adjunctually be able to focus on our own liberation and protection before we concern ourselves with
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