What Is The Theme Of The Black Cat

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The Black Cat is a short story by Edgar Allan Poe that was first published in the edition of The Saturday Post. Events in “The Black Cat” happen in 1843 and several places such as the jail cell, the narrator’s home, the yard of the burned house, the new house, the bar where the second cat is found, and the cellar. Events in the story start the man’s house. After first house burns dawn the story transfers the second house. The most important action occurred in the cellar of the next house. In the story, there are three main characters: The unknown man who is the narrator of the story, his wife, their cat Pluto. The unknown man is a murderer. He turns his home into a hell for himself, his wife and pets. He tells us how he changes from nice person…show more content…
In the story, she is described as a good, sympathetic character. In addition, there is no clear information about her like age, her interest, her appearance. Pluto is all black cat. It is lovely pets. Then the man blinds the cat and hangs There is also other characters: The second cat, police officer Themes There are many themes. Love and Hate in which we see that narrator loves his pets and his wife and at the same time he hates and murders them. Violence- The story is full of violent acts. For example hanging, axing, eye carving. These acts are described very clear in the story. And we get an obvious picture what is happening. Transformation- In the story, we see a transformation of man. Nearly in every paragraph, we see some form of transformation. After he married his personality changes from good sides to bad sides. His happy life is turned upside down. Superstition- For example, the black cat seems as bad luck There is other themes: Justice/Truth, murder, death, loyalty, Symbols The black cat-The first cat is an entirely black cat. Black cats were thoughts as a bad luck and even witches in the European history. In fact, the man comments that his wife mentioned the same about the cat jokingly. The name Pluto is also a symbol. Pluto was the ruler of the underworld and the
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