What Is The Theme Of The Crocodile's Lady

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Manoj Das’s belief in life-after-death is clearly visible in the villager’s reply to the professor’s questions: “Did all people believe in God? Their faithful attitude towards their god is visible in the passage. Is god a money lender or pawnbroker that the question of trust could arise? He created the earth, he brought us here, he will take us away elsewhere, he will bring us here again, he will take us again, again he will…”(CL 38). The Crocodile’s Lady’s narration of her first meeting with the crocodile is narrated in a true-to-life manner. The Lady narrates that she was caught by the crocodile and it took her down, down, down-nearly seven palm trees deep. Here, the readers willingly restrain themselves from questioning the narrator like…show more content…
Manoj Das uses an average Indian village background and the gullible people in that village to synthesize a pre-independence Indian situation and the technique of magic. Conversations happen between the Lady, now transformed into a crocodile and the crocodile as if in a real situation between husband and wife. All the interesting ingredients of such conversations are built into the Crocodile’s Lady’s narration. She becomes homesick and obtains a mantra as well as permission to go back to her village in her own flesh and blood after ten…show more content…
Prof. Anjan Sharma, out of frustration, bursts out to his shadow that follows him: “Why must you keep me company when everybody else - even my dog - had deserted me? Get lost, I say” (SF 162). Here Manoj Das personifies the character of shadow. The shadow obeys the master’s word and gets detached from him and hides in a bush. The sobbing of the shadow for departing its master is an unbelievable incident but Manoj Das successfully makes the narrator’s friend explain his views about the shadow, which is waiting for his master in a
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