What Is The Theme Of The Death Of Tommy Grimes

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”The death of Tommy Grimes” is a short story written in 1962 by R.J Meaddough. I am going to make an analysis of the story, and then compare it to how the main character in the other short story called “just like that” gains experience through killing. The story the death of Tommy Grimes is about a boy and his father. The story starts out in medias res, where we hear first hear about Tommy later in a story. The Author chooses to introduce in to Tommy, though a flashback. The flashback is about how we hear where Tommy’s father trying to instruct Tommy in his shooting skill, but just like that all of a sudden, Tommy cannot pull the trigger. Tommy starts to practice his ability to shoot, and get better at it, while his father teaches him…show more content…
Going into the story, I was expecting the ending to involve Tommy Grimes actually dying. Little did I know, he would be dying in the spiritual sense, which throughout the story the author did convey discretely. The first two pages of the reading were deceiving in a way that relates to the way I reacted to the title. The first line reads, “Tommy had become part of the ground.” When a man or a woman dies, he/she are literally become a part of the ground. This led me to believe Tommy would also literally become a part of the ground. Also in the first two pages Tommy’s father, introduces hunting as a legitimate part of the story. Judging by the title, this revealed that “Tommy’s death” would be related to a gun or in a hunting…show more content…
In this short story, the author chooses to describe the character through their dialogues and actions. He does not change that much in a physical sense more spiritual. During the action of the story, Tommy goes through a dramatic development and change. In the beginning Tommy is an insecure, innocent boy without the nerve to meet his father’s unreasonable aim to kill something. As time passes, his father gets more control over Tommy’s mind, and he ends up completing his fathers aim; shooting the nigger. This action is an essential turning point in Tommy’s life, because he subsequently feels like a part of the community in the village. Before he was out, now he is in. He finally belongs. Tommy’s father Tom Grimes is white too with blue eyes and dark blonde hair. It sounds like he is often at the bar with his friends. He wants his son to become a hunter like

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