What Is The Theme Of The Divine Comedy

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Rony Alexander Morales
FDWLD 101 Section:
December 9, 2017

One of the greatest unknowns that the human being has had over time is if there is life after earthly death, many people have tried to answer this question one of these people was Dante Alighieri the work has as its main axis, the search of Dante who is helped by Virgil, to find the inspiration of his poems, traveling 3 places to achieve his goal.
The Divine Comedy recounts Dante's journey through Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise. The poem begins with Virgil's encounter with Dante, who has lost himself in a jungle and encounters wild beasts. The principal theme of the Comedy is Dante's journey, along which he will find his own identity. But, since ancient times, travel represents human
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Much has been written in the story about heaven and hell, about areas populated with angels and celestial beings and dark dungeons infected with demons. But singularly for me, since I do not consider myself a religious person, I think that Dante's main intention was to reflect the bible form and also comparing it with the events of his life, all this in order that the people of his time could get rid off of the penumbras that lived within these and could purify their souls, all this in a personal way of each individual and their…show more content…
Only they can lead man, the sinner, towards the high goal to which he aspires; The process of spiritual purification requires external help and that is the role played by these companions. The guide changes indicate the most important stages of the path traveled; for this reason, they occur at the entrance into the earthly Paradise and at the end of the path through Paradise, when all that remains is to go to the Empyrean for divine contemplation. In the first, the free will of the traveler is made free, and in the second his soul abandons slavery. In conclusion Dante the divine comedy gives us a great symbolism regarding the redemption and salvation of the human being. I think this literary work is very valuable, I really enjoy reading it and above all, it helps me to be more grateful that I have a savior who is always there to help me recover when I fail and to guide me on this path to divine
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