What Is The Theme Of The Follow By Wong Kar Wai

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In the shortfilm of The Follow by Wong Kar Wai, he used the different slow motion movements during the opening shot of each films. The credits in The Follow are a pattern of straight lines that move across the screen, cutting into the space. An intense observation of The Follow opening credit sequence is vital to understanding how The Follow makes the film mirror of opening. At first, the film zooms in the on certain parts of a man face.
The Follow (2001) quoted by BMW films. BMW took place along the major film studios with the production of short films that can unite the talents of several fields of various high effort crossed. Wong Kar Wai is not denying the author a cinema feature and a mystical, which stands apart from many mainstream Hong
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Provided that Clive Owen, Forest Whitaker, Adriana Lima and Mickey Rourke. The driver (Owen) is hired to follow for aging movie stars (Rourke) young wife (Five), who he suspects of infidelity. Directed by Wong Kar Wai, written by Andrew Kevin Walker, concept by Fallon, creations by Aristides Mc Hotel Irene city, Kuala Lumpur, Robert Van De Weteringe buys and another Visual effects supervisor by Andrew Hardaway and Jonathan Keeton.
Little of short story The Follow, driver hired by nervous movie Manager to spy on the wife of a paranoid actor. During his tailing his wife, driver explains the right way to tail someone. As he was pursuing him he began to fear what he might learn his life apparently tragic. He found a wife from the country and returned to his mother and that he has been given a black eye by her husband. He returned the money to the job, refused to tell where wives, and drives off to tell the Manager never to call him
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He developed this visual style with legendary film icon, a cinematographer known mostly refer to cameraman. In addition, the stop motion scenes and the way that colors our oversaturation has come to associate with Wong kar Wai film becomes in-stock trading their different visual style involving direct cuts, frames is what amusement in an entire shot in the scene by scene, montage and intense Street camera and foreground which the part of the picture or scene closest to the

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