What Is The Theme Of The Highwayman

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Page 1: 1. Annotate the poem and research.
2.The romantic epic.
3.Casting characters.
4.Create a character through the camera
5.Desing a costume.

1. Annotate the poem and research:
Summary of poem:
The poem starts out with a highwayman (this is a thief who use to hold people’s carriages they usually come on horseback) visiting his girlfriend Bess who is the daughter of an innkeeper. He's on the move (meaning he will be back the next day after he has robbed some people) so he only has time for one kiss. But in the shadows Tim the ostler who loves Bess listens and tells the red coats.
The next evening, instead of the highwayman, some British soldiers show up. These guys are real jerks. They drink a bunch of beer, they tie Bess tightly with ropes and put a bayonet beneath her chin, and after that they then wait at the windows to murder the highwayman when he comes back. But then Bess wriggles around until she has her finger on the trigger. when she hears the highwayman's horse, she fires the bayonet, and gives her life to warn him about the ambush.
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Still, on certain winter nights, his ghost still rides down the highway to meet
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