What Is The Theme Of The Lay Of The Werewolf

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In the story, “The Lay of the Werewolf”, a faithful husband gets dishonored by his wife after the wife finds out that the husband is half werewolf. The story takes place in Ancient Greek, during the Medieval Times, where the Greeks wrote that people could be transformed into werewolves. As Murray states, it states that the poem demonstrates the kinds of friendship and love that exist among the three protagonists. It mentions that the poem depicts how de France confronts her readers with a story that raises a moral issue. It adds that many of de France's poems critique the unchristian and uncharitable marriages. The story really gives off a good example, on how the people who one think’s can trust with one’s life, especially in this case, can turn on one for the money, fame, power, etc. The three themes that are shown in “The Lay of the Werewolf” are betrayal, dishonor,…show more content…
When the wife finds out that her husband has been sneaking around, she questions. Without hesitate the husband responds, “Wife, I become Bisclavaret. I enter the forest, and live on prey and roots, within the thickets of the wood” (Page 597). Once the wife had finally found out why her husband had been sneaking and disappearing from her sight for days, even weeks at a time, she betrayed him, immediately, without a doubt. The secret that he has kept from his wife, the husband has now told to his loving wife. Now, the wife being jealous sets out on her own mission to become a werewolf. The writer states, “she dared no longer to lie at his side and turned over in her mind, this way and that, how best she could get her from / him” (Page 598). After the wife had found out that her husband is a werewolf, she immediately betrays him and tells the knight, that was her secret lover. The wife knowing, that if anyone had found out that her husband had become a werewolf at nighttime, that he would get in trouble by the
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