What Is The Theme Of The Movie Amistad

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After watching the movie Amistad, I know have have a clearer understanding on how poorly people would treat their black slaves. Slavery was a terrible time for the United states of America and is known as one of the worst things to ever happen in the world next to the holocaust. John Quincy Adams also thought of slavery as part of the revolutionary war because in the revolutionary war we fought for freedom against great britain and now we need to fight for blacks to have freedom also, only then will the revolutionary war be over.Until that happened slavery was a huge thing and many blacks were killed in horrible ways, and the only question i have is how did these people consciences allow them to do all of these terrible things to the blacks.
One reason that the whites might have been able to do all these
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If you were a young child raised on a farm that owned slaves and saw the blacks being whipped, beat, and more you might start to think that that is how the blacks deserve to be treated and that there is nothing wrong with abusing them in anyway you want. If they grew up with those ideas in mind they are gonna treat blacks in beyond terrible ways because of the way they saw the same things happening while they were growing up as a child. I think that this was one of the main reasons that whites treated the blacks as bad as they did, cause if you are taught that beating the blacks is ok as a child then that's how you are gonna treat blacks when you are older because you won't know that beating the blacks is the wrong thing to do. In the movie queen isabel was very young and grew up having slaves and I think that might have something to do with her fighting to get “her slaves” back for multiple years because she grew up thinking that slaves were things that people owned and that they were kind of like stolen property in her
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