What Is The Theme Of The Notes Of A Native Son

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In 1955 a civl rights activist by the name of james balwding wrote his famous essay “Notes of a Native Son”. James balwdin was born in harlem, New York during a time where racial tensions where high althought of the united states. In this essay he highlights these tension and his experinmces regarding them, while also giving us an insight of his up bringing, Along with this we get to see his relationship with a figure of his life, his father or more accuraterly his stepfather. In the essay James balwdin says “This fight begins, however, in the heart and it now had been laid to my charge to keep my own heart free of hatred and despair”. This is a very powerdul sentence that I beleive portays James Balwdin transition to alduthood or a transiton away from his immaturity or navity to his enlightening of his “situation”. A situation…show more content…
In the quote, Baldwin specifically uses ‘my own heart”, i belive thi sis because love is often the reasonas for hate. This theme is evident in both Baldwin and his father. His father loved being black. Baldwin describe his father blackness as beatiful; as can be seen in the passage “I think -he was very black-with his blackness and his beauty…”. His love of being black would soon become a hatred in his heart, this can be seen in the text “He calimed to be proud of his blackness but it had also been the cause of much humiliation…”. His father a proud strong black man had to endure every day that he was weaker to the white man if only because of his color. Within him he had to deal with loveing himself for being black but also hating himself for it, for the trouble it brought him. Balwdin just like his father alos had to endure the same struggle, his struggle differ iin the fact that he had a love towards white ameircan yet the Americans that treated him the worst were white people, and all just because of his color, something he also
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