What Is The Theme Of The Pearl

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Dear future self,

“The Pearl” is a story in the perspective of a fisherman named Kino, and his perspective on life. The book has themes we hardly think about such as the impact of perseverance, the benefits of education, and the roles of gender. I will never know the true meaning of fate, but I do know that I have important choices to make in life. Life gave me the choice to be selfish, disappointed, and passive or the exact opposite by being selfless, comforted, and persistent. The Pearl lets the reader realize how fate impacts Kino’s life and also mine. How fate is full of surprises. How fate watches us like it’s our shadow.

As I began life, my parents loved me. I was innocent and friendly. I didn’t experience anger, racism, or selfishness then. I was obedient and thought
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Like Kino, the smooth waves he heard every morning was his calm life until the “scorpion(‘s) sting” “thundered” his waves and mine. The thunder hit my waves when I was 9 years old because I drank 7up from a birthday party behind my parents back. Guilt and hatred swept through my body and death came into my mind. I betrayed my parents, yet then this voice told me, “Never will anyone change without the desire to break the limits.” From that day I realized life wasn’t easy. Determination took over fear, and I left my trapped life and took my
“scar” life. I became bolder and divergent. I was growing up and made my decisions, thinking, and choices like the rat in Ratatouille. Also, when Kino saw his enemy, the scorpion, raising its nightmare tail, the thunder slammed into Kino’s waves. Kino, determined to save his son, “beat(ed) and stamped (his) enemy
(with) eyes (of) fury until (his) enemy was only a fragment in the dirt”.

After I realized the truth of life, I couldn’t stand fear anymore. I needed to prove myself that I was beyond fear, so I had to be determined
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