What Is The Theme Of The Ramayana

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The Ramayana is one of the greatest myth in India that eventually spread all over South-east Asia. Bulbul Sharma is an artist and a writer who retold this story. What makes this story unique is that this story emphasizes about “dharma” or duty that causes Rama, an avatar of Vishnu and son of Queen Kaushalya, to be in exile in order to defeat Ravana, a demon who plan to destroy mankind and heaven. While in exile, Rama tries to search for his queen, Sita, who was with him, but now is lost, while Rama tries to catch a golden deer for her, which is Ravana’s illusion for Rama to abduct his wife. In desperation to find his wife, he suddenly has an encounter with the heavenly creature who tells him to go to Sugriva, the leader of the monkey clans who can help him to find Sita. Among the clans, there is Hanuman, the son of the wind, who becomes closest companion to Rama. In this myth, Hanuman is Rama’s reflection of duty and the opposite of Ravana. Through his special powers, Hanuman is the one who speed Rama in his fight against Ravana and bring Sita back to Rama.
Hanuman is a selfless monkey. Hanuman has a special powers given by the gods to “change his shape, fly anywhere and defeat even the mightiest in the battle” (Sharma 73). When his mother bears him, his mother knew that Hanuman has these special powers. The reason why the gods gives these special powers to Hanuman is that the gods has promised his father, Vayu, to give these boons to his son, due to Vayu who causes all the
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