What Is The Theme Of The Waking By Theodore Roethke

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Poem Analysis: The poem titled “The waking” written by Theodore Roethke (1908 – 1963) made in the year 1953. Analyzing this poem, it has a deeper meaning than what it implies on the surface. As a whole, the poem tries to connote the big idea of life and death. With the additional twist of fate and the flow of life included. Of how the logic of being awake is rather bleak in comparison of being asleep, somewhat to the otherworldly. Considering the time period, and author’s background; it isn’t surprising to think why Roethke wrote this type of poem. This poem is a villanelle, a 19 line poem made out of 5 tercets and followed by a quatrain. There are two key repeating rhymes written on the first and last lines of the first stanza, which is repeated alternatively until the end of the poem (quatrain), where it is joined together as an…show more content…
It’s somewhat implying whether your living or dead (since we’re talking about fate) as we are talking with the metaphorical meaning of waking and sleeping – alive or dead. On the second line, the word “Ground” “g” is capitalized, implying that the ground is a living thing (person) or place. The ground being a symbolism as part of the cycle of life, where the dead will dissolve, and produces new life. Enforcing the key lines of “learn by going where I have to go.” Again, another circular meaning. Continuing on to the 4th stanza, from the ground that we became, we move through the cycle again. The light of life and the “tree (of life)” with the worm climbing “the winding stair.” Creates a detailed visual imagery of just the laws of nature. We don’t and can’t tell what keeps the cycle going but can only feel bits and pieces, while also being a part of

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