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While there are many themes that L. Frank Baum writes about in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz that focuses on a young, maturing girl named Dorothy Gale; that is living in a grey world and then suddenly her life is full of color after a cyclone. Throughout the story, Dorothy Gale is reminded that the land of Oz is beautiful and much more interesting that Kansas ever will and it takes her awhile to realize it along her adventurous plan. The two themes that stand out throughout the story is the childhood to maturity that Dorothy progresses in and a twisted way that makes you see the virtue in the story, also known as the disability of it all. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is not all just a children's fairytale. Although the land of Oz is depicted as…show more content…
The only way for them to get through it all was to build courage, get a heart, to grow up and to fully think. As Bussey puts it, "She seeks familiarity and security, and along the way, she grows into a more mature individual."(1) Dorothy really does want to go back to Kansas and bring back the control of her own life. The voyage that Dorothy sets on to is one that can easily be described and seen as the voyage to her coming-of-age. As far as it comes to the virtue side of the story, we can begin with the Scarecrow. Despite the fact that the Scarecrow is missing a brain, he makes up for that with how much intelligence he shows and inventive that he demonstrates himself as well. Just as Thomason describes, "He usually comes up with plans that save the travelers, and he is quick to come up with solutions to problems."(1) in the overview of the story, he already has a brain without needing a physical organ. (1) It's easy to see why the Wizard of Oz left him in charge of Emerald city. The Tin Woodman was the next character that winds up with Dorothy and Scarecrow. The Tin Woodman was rescued from the rusting fate that was laid upon him in the forest, he was once a real man that was bewitched by the Wicked Witch of the East to lose all

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