What Is The Theme Of This Blessed House By Jhumpa Lahiri

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Chapter 2 Literature Review
A famous 2000 Pulitzer Prize winner Jhumpa Lahiri portrays the lives of the Indians who have immigrant to America, and the second-generation Indian American protagonists searching for the different to fit into a community. As their lives seems to be treed between the Indian-American traditions. Jhumpa Lahiri writes clearly about failed relationships, who weirdly spending their lives together are either doubtful about their love for each other or have an unvoiced love or is there any love that takes their relation too far?
Jhumpa Lahiri presents a theme of cross-culture which creates a chance
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Lahiri has repeatedly been matched with Earnest Hemingway, for her unmingled, arranged and understandable writing art with open ended stories, which do not give the conclusions, but open doors for diverse interpretations for the readers. As stated by Angelina and Basudeb Chakrabarti: “A Temporary Matter is a delicate look at the desolation of the relationships and the danger of new knowledge. Lahiri’s writing here is careful, clear, understated, resulting in a powerful combination of storytelling and insight…show more content…
An arranged marriage could be seen as the reason behind the dysfunctionality in their relation. A complete opposite people, as sanjiv seems to be a typical Indian mentality man, who needed a perfect Indian wife for his house. Whereas Twinkle according to Lahiri, “was like that, excited and delighted by little things, crossing her fingers before any remotely unpredictable event, like testing a new flavor of ice cream, or dropping a letter in a mail box”. But for sanjiv trivial narration was pointless, as he expected a wife taking hold and care of his house just like an ideal Indian wives. Thus the perception is very common on an Indian husband in distinct Diasporas, as most of them expect the same from their wives. “Women are expected to be docile homemakers. But their girlish charm may not be a quality an Indian husband in the diasporas may admire or tolerate in wives”. (Jain 2315) Such nature creates doubts over sanjiv on his love for his life.
A short story ‘Interpreter of Maladies’, holds two couples who’s loveless marriages creates an unshown malady in their marital lives. It portrays how sometimes gaps cannot be fulfilled when there are differences between the two people. As Indian traditions are too shaded to see the similarities and love between the couples.
Jhumpa Lahiri shows the problems
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