What Is The Theme Of Tom's Loss In Huckleberry Finn

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Tom is definitely maturing throughout the chapters, slowly but steadily. Tom senses the seriousness of Aunt Polly’s grief when she takes him aside after breakfast on the morning after Dr. Robinson’s murder. When he realizes that Aunt Polly is extremely disappointed in him, Tom feels that her disappointment in him “[is] worse than a thousand whippings, and “[his] heart [is] sorer… than his body” (105). The evidence of hurting others depresses Tom for the first time, revealing that he has grown up a little. In addition, as he falls asleep on their first night in Jackson’s Island, Tom realizes that taking food from home is “plain, simple stealing” not just “ ‘hooking’ ”, and prays out of fear(131). This is the first time in the novel that Tom
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