What Is The Theme Of Uglies

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Imagine living in a world where when you turn sixteen you have to change completely? Scott Westerfeld’s, the author of the book Uglies, purpose of writing the story is to teach us that no one needs to change in order to feel like they belong. Scott Westerfeld, I wonder how you came up with the world in which the characters live? I wonder if you were ever made fun of for being ugly? I wonder if you think our world will become this? As I read Uglies, I focused on the fact that the group who rebelled realized that they did not need to change to belong.

As I read Uglies, I consider the topic of acceptance because the message the author is trying to get across is that everyone should just be accepted for who they are. When I read this book, I see a society that needs to change. The place the characters live in forces them to get a surgery to change into what society considers “attractive”. You are called “ugly” or a “pretty” and treated differently based on your looks. In my opinion, this is very wrong. No one should be judged based on the way they look. Everyone should just be accepted for who they are and not be judged by who they are on the outside. Tally says in the book, “What’s inside you, matters more.” I think the author had Tally say that to prove his point even more; that
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As I read Uglies, I see pretties not being friends with the uglies because they are not like them. I think that this is wrong, you should be friends with everyone, no matter what they look like. In the book, Tally’s friend, Peris, stopped contacting her when he turned pretty. He did this because he felt that he should only be friends with people like him. If it was a real friendship he would have just stayed friends with her, no matter what. You should get to know a person before judging them. As Shay says in the book, “Your personality - the real you inside - was the price of
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