What Is The Thesis Of Galileo's Daughter

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The author’s main argument in Galileo’s Daughter is that Galileo is more than a scientist and a revolutionist. The book brings him to life, showing that him as a family man and a caring father. The book also looks at how his conflicts with the church affected his life and his family. The book used written letters between Galileo and his daughter Sister Maria Celeste. It gave the book a more personal point of view and actually put you in their life instead of reading a book written from a prospective of a secondary source. The book also looks at the life of Galileo’s daughter as well as Galileo himself. The book makes you view him not only as a great scientist but as loving and caring father as well. The book goes through the life of Galileo talking about his many inventions, his fight with the church and how he got forced to stop teaching and live the rest of his life under house arrest. The book is very factual and very chronological. It talks about Galileo's groundbreaking ideas regarding space, gravity, and philosophy. The book does a great job of bringing Galileo’s conflicts and relationships to life. The book really focuses on the conflict between Galileo and the Catholic Church, most notably Pope Urban VIII, once…show more content…
There are many books about Galileo and his science. This one has no new biographical facts or scientific discussions. What this book did was choose excerpts from the letters and bring Galileo to life. Reading Galileo's Daughter we hear Galileo's voice, we feel his pain and share his excitement. It really expanded on my knowledge of him and it made you look at him of just a guy instead of this mystical being that we don’t know much about other than that he changed the changed the way that the entire world looks at science and religion by challenging the church and their teachings. He wanted to prove things using fact, instead of just saying that’s what it says in the
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