What Is The Thesis Statement Of The Novel Fight Club

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The goal of the present Mater thesis was to explore postmodern social criticism expressed in Chuck Palahniuk’s novel “Fight Club” through employment of simulacrum, simulation, and hyperreality in the narrative. Therefore, two research questions that were set at the beginning of the research, were:
• How are postmodern concepts of simulacrum, simulation, and hyperreality reflected in Chuck Palahniuk’s novel “Fight Club”?
• How is Palahniuk employing these notions in his postmodern novel to criticise modern society and to reflect a discontent with it?
In the course of the research, the goal of the present thesis was achieved through careful interpretative textual analysis of Chuck Palahniuk’s novel “Fight Club”, and all of the research questions
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Postmodern intellectual discourse and fiction refers to simulacrum not only in the original sense of the term – an image and a representation of an object – but also in a discussion and critique of different modern cultural, political, and social phenomena. If to summarise three main postmodern intellectual writers discussed in the theoretical part of the present Master thesis, Jean Baudrillard was interested in different manifestations of simulacrum and simulation in contemporary culture and society, Umberto Eco, on the contrary, in his essay was mainly focused on how various museums, tourist attractions, and historical places around the United States are exhibiting and producing replicas, while Gilles Deleuze in his discussion of simulacra paid more attention to the concepts of identity, appearance, representation, model, difference, and repetition. Thus, all of three had their own focus and approach to the study of simulacrum, simulation, and…show more content…
support groups members) or forced to make the wrong choice of living (e.g. blind devotion to unsatisfying job). Therefore, Tyler Durden appears in the novel as a modern warrior, a teacher, and a guide to those who are ready to change something not only about themselves, but also about society as a whole. During the interpretative textual analysis it was concluded that in the novel different forms of simulation – from simulation of disease to pseudo-terrorists attacks – are used as the most effective means by which characters are fighting against established social norms and value, against everything that makes them feel miserable and unworthy, and for what they consider to be
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