What Is The Three Little Pigs Admirable

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The Three Little Pigs is a quintessential story that everyone has probably read at some point; mothers have read it to their children and teachers have read it to their students. There are three pigs; the first two build their houses out of flimsy objects like sticks and straw, and the wicked wolf blows them down. However, the third pig constructs his house out of strong bricks, therefore outsmarting the wolf. After reading the text The Three Little Pigs By James Halliwell-Phillipps, it is definite that the third pig is the most admirable because of his intelligence, bravery, and ability to be independent.

To begin, the third’s pig intelligence made him quite a commendable character. The pig displayed his intelligence when he decided
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The mother pig sent out her children to fend for themselves. According to the text, “Once upon a time, there was an old Sow with three little pigs, as she had not enough to keep the, so she sent them out to seek their fortunes.” (4) This quote proves the third pig’s intelligence because he outlived his siblings and dealt with any obstacles that came in his way. The first and second pigs made poor choices on their own. The third pig, however, made the right decisions and proved time and time again that he could take care of himself. The third little pig shows the young readers that the independence that they long for comes with responsibility and consequences.

To conclude, The Three Little Pigs is a classic that has inspired generations for many years. The third pig is the most admirable because of his intelligence, bravery, and independence. The third pig was clever because he outsmarted the wolf by building his house with bricks, daring because he was willing to take risks to protect himself, and independent because he could take care of himself and make the right decisions. To those of you who have siblings: you don’t want to be clueless and cowardly like the first two pigs- be the one who stands out: the third
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