What Is The Tone Of Lucy Gray

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ANALYSIS OF’’ LUCY GRAY’’ Abstract: This analysis focuses on William Wordsworth’s poem “Lucy Gray’’ regarding its stylistic analysis. This analysis is based upon the aspects Graphlogical, Grammatical, Phonological, and Syntactical patterns. I have also pointed out schemes and tropas found in ‘’Lucy Gray’’ poem.…show more content…
Introduction of “Lucy Gray’’: William Wordsworth was a great English poet who wrote a lot of poems. ‘’Lucy Gray’’ is one of his famous poems. The tone of the poem is tragic. There are different interpretations about this poem. It is written in blank verses. It was published in 2nd edition of ‘’Lyrical Ballads’’ consists of combination of poems by S.T. Coleridge and William Wordsworth.”Lucy Gray’’ is very impressive poem. It tells a story of a little girl ‘’Lucy Gray’’. He has compared Lucy to”chid of nature”.She remains alone. She has no friend to talk, play or share something. She helps her parents in their pursuits. One day , she
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