What Is The Trait Theory Of Leadership

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2.0 Introduction
The literature review is a written, analytical summary of research findings on a topic of interests. In this chapter, the literature review is used to explain the definition of leadership and leadership effectiveness, past finding related to the factors of leadership effectiveness, the important of these factors and the related experience of practitioners. This chapter is important because it helps researcher to develop the theoretical and framework or model to explore the context of the study.

2.1 Theoretical Review
The theoretical review is discussed in the theory and model which provide the guidance for this research. The theories that will be discussed are Trait theory leadership and Situational theory leadership while the model discussed is Contingency model.

2.1.1 Trait Theory Leadership
Trait theory of leadership was first developed in the early 20th century. It assumes that leadership is innate rather than learn (Stogdill, 1974). Leaders are born with certain inherent traits that are particularly suited for leadership (Qutob, 2013). The trait is the individual attributes, including the aspect of personality, temperament, needs, motives and values (Bendell, 2016).
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Trait theory of leadership is focused on individual’s physical, mental and personal characteristics which associated with successful leadership and use those traits to identify them from effective leadership (Bertocci, 2009). This theory proposed that an individual is born with predisposed to the characteristics or qualities of successful leadership (Nevarez & Wood, 2010). In other word, people are inherited with the certain personality which underlying the effective leadership such as cognitive ability. The others biological traits included height, race or ethnicity, gender and perceived
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