What Is The Triumph Of Humor Over Human Adversity

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The Triumph of Humor Over Human Adversity

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Eric Babiarz
October 19, 2017

The Triumph of Humor Over Human Adversity

“Humor is mankind 's greatest blessing.” (Paine, 1910) This assertion from humorist Mark Twain remains as relevant now as it was over 100 years ago. Humor perseveres as an integral aspect of human nature as well as a misunderstood one. Through a multitude of avenues, be it controversial comedy, psychological research, or some of the worst points in human history, humor of many varieties has proven a worthy asset in alleviating the hardships people face everyday. Comedy is and has been a valuable tool in coping with tragedy and human struggles as well as overcoming enormous adversity
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‘Place a picture of Hitler on one side of me, and a picture of Goering on the other side. That way I can die like Jesus, between two thieves’” (Morreall, 1997).
Josef Müller was tried and executed for treason. Hitler recognized the danger to his image this type of humor posed. He also knew that to take it away would strip his opposition of one of their great powers: the power to change how others are perceived. Still, this type of humor persisted into the concentration camps even though the threat of greater punishment loomed over the heads of the prisoners. This was the power of humor in such a grave state of existence. The prisoners knew that to give up the ability to make one another laugh was as good as giving up entirely. But this humor was not only jabs at Hitler. Perhaps more important to survival was the gift of making light of the situation they were in. In Michael Schulder’s 2013 interview with Elie Wiesel, author of the book Night, he is asked how his sense of humor remained intact after seeing the things he had seen. In response he says, “How can I not have humor? Without humor, I think, one would fall into a depression that could last their entire lifetime. Only humor can save it. . .” (Wiesel, 2013). One of the most famous survivors of the Holocaust believed his sense of humor was one of the only saving graces of his mind. As far as

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