What Is The True Cost Of Higher Education?

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Manuel Amado Professor Robin Robinson Research Methods 316 May 6, 2016 What is the true cost of higher education?” College is something that is brought up during freshman year of high school and again in junior to senior year while visiting and sending in their applications to attend or have a plan if not attending college. Most student’s freshman year in high school their decision then is based off if parent didn’t go they wouldn’t go. During freshman year in high school their going through phase where they are discovering who they are based on what they see around them. But in senior year in high school it changes completely now the answer is “can’t afford it” and then the teacher says there is something called financial aid! (This from personal experience) now the decision is based how much debt you will accumulate after you graduate college is how you make the decision to which college you will attend. It’s based on what college or university gave better financial aid package and don’t have to take out loans. College is now more affordable to attend thanks to “student loans.” At first it seems like a good option but after you graduate you start getting these mails saying where my money is. Students take out loans without caring how much their going to pay back later because it’s one thing less they have to stress about so they focus more on school. The students take these federal government loans because they are throwing with messages that you need a college degree to

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