What Is The Ultimate Gift Essay

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The Ultimate Gift “You make a living by what you get; you make a life by what you give,” said Winston Churchill, and as I grew up, my mother lived by that quote. She always told me that I should be kind and to give back, even when others weren’t. I like to think that I’m kind and I gave back to the community when I could, but I never truly knew how much it meant to the ones I was giving to until my very last english assignment during my senior year of high school. it was the beginning of may, 8:40 AM, and i was sitting at a table surrounded by a great group of friends. we were planning a day to get together as a group and decorate our caps for graduation considering the days were rushing by and we were beginning to run out of time. class had just started and mrs. fox, my senior…show more content…
i remember kids groaning and i rolled my eyes. i mean, come on, there's only two weeks left of school for seniors and she’s assigning us a whole new book and an assignment. as always, she smirked when we tried to talk her out of it, but to no appeal, she began to walk around the classroom and explain our final project. it didn’t sound all that tough, just read the book in the next two to three days and then the final project will be given. three days of reading in class passed and mrs. fox was standing at her podium once again. she had a small box full of envelopes sitting on the top and a bright smile across her face. when the final bell rang, she started to pass out the envelopes. “no peeking,” she said as she handed the envelope to me, but i remember clearly seeing the the $10 bill through the thin paper. if you haven’t read the ultimate gift, it’s about a boy named jason steves who is on his way to inherit one billion dollars from his great uncle, red stevens; however, in order to claim his money, he must go through multiple steps that will help him understand the many virtues his great uncle wanted him to have. for our final assignment, we had to understand
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