What Is The Unemployment Rate During The Great Depression

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Adult unemployment rate is the percentage of unemployed people that are 25 years or older. It is compared to the total of the labour force.

The ratios of unemployment for the months in 2016 25 years and over was Jan. 4.1, Feb. 4.1, Mar. 4.2, Apr. 4.1, May. 3.8, June. 4.0, Aug. 4.1,
Sept. 4.1, Oct. 4.0, Nov. 3.9, Dec. 3.9. The unemployment rate is going down since Trump has been running for president. During the Great Depression was very high because we were not in the war so not many people had money or jobs. In 1929 the population was 88,010,000. The labor force was 49,440,000. In 1941 the population 102,700,000. The labor force was 57,530,000. The employment rate in 1929 was very low 3.14 percent. In 1941 the employment rate was pretty
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