What Is The United Nations Strategic Framework

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Analysis of the UNSF in Lebanon 2017- 2020 Introduction Today 23 UN agencies are in Lebanon which they have different activities in different areas. Almost 10000 peacekeepers and 2500 civilian staff work on Lebanon. United Nations Strategic Framework (UNSF) is a joint framework between UN and Lebanon government to make the aids and UN activities more efficient. The UNSF present key shared objectives to support the government and people of Lebanon from 2017-2020. The UNSF mission is; a secure, stable and prosperous Lebanon, Exercising full sovereignty while respecting, protecting, ensuring the rights of all. This report summarize the main points of UNSF in Lebanon also a brief critical analysis of the UNSF in Lebanon placed at the end of…show more content…
- Since 2015, the UN in Lebanon is managing an annual portfolio of approximately $1 billion including humanitarian and development assistance particularly in assistance to the most vulnerable; support to municipalities and to the delivery of basic public services such as education and water. Normative Framework of the UNSF Describes the key national and international frameworks and mandates that underpin the identification of national priorities and the UN’s proposed interventions. They consider UN strategies’, SDGs, Lebanon strategy towards SDGs, and Syria crises which emerged a serious issue of immigrants for Lebanon. Strategic objectives They summarize the main objectives in three core priorities and define all objectives based on the following priorities. Core priority 1: All people in Lebanon enjoy peace and security In support to peace and security objectives, the UN intends to help mitigate external threats to Lebanon, strengthen domestic security and law and order and defuse local inter-communal tensions. To mitigate threats to Lebanon’s territorial integrity, efforts foreseen include support
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