What Is The Value Of Earnestity In The Importance Of Being Earnest

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The Importance of Being Earnest is a trivial comedy that filled with sarcastic and witty Victorian aphorisms while satirizing the Victorian society and their social morality. Wilde criticizes against the arrogance, self-importance, ignorance, and hypocrisy of the Victorian high society, also targets plenty of ideals and morality facts that were as ridiculous as they were nonsensical. Earnestness is a determined and serious desire to do the correct thing. Ironically, not one character in the play seems to care about being honest. The characters in “The Importance of Being Earnest” play the role of false and dishonest identities to achieve their goals in the society. Appearance was everything, the characters gradually became hypocritical in their fashionable and faddish struggle to obtain the fake ideals of earnestness and they were ready to pay any price for it. (qtd. in Bachelorandmaster) At the very beginning of the play, we have been seeing that two main male characters, Algernon Moncrieff and Jack Worthing, have been leading double lives. Jack Worthing is a quite responsible and decent young man, while he has invented a fictitious brother named Ernest. In Herthfordshire, Jack is known as Jack, however, in London he is known as Ernest. Jack misleads people to include an imaginary brother, Ernest, whom he uses as an excuse to escape from the country to join among urban socialites. Therefore, there is no character named "Ernest," but everything revolves around being
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