What Is The Value Of Human Life

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Tick Tock. I cannot be late. My boss will fire me if I am late. Why does the world place so much value into the artificial construct of time? One of the reasons that time is so valuable is because we have a limited amount of it. However, effort, commitment, and beauty also possess value. How do we decide what actually has value? Certain aspects of reality, such as human life, intrinsically possess value, and deserve protection regardless of their individual personalities.
Say a project is due in two weeks. There is plenty of time to relax. But what if the project is due tomorrow? Suddenly, time seems more valuable. The world gives extraordinary value to the little scraps of paper we call money. While the monetary value does not change, the personal value varies greatly depending on the perspective. These examples explain how the perception of value differs depending on quantity. Individuals living in poverty value their possessions and relationships more than the rich. Human mortality highlights the value of living life with a purpose, whether that purpose prolongs one’s own life, or protects the lives of others.
Life Boat Ethics discusses the value of human life by presenting the argument that, if ten people could fit in a lifeboat, then one should give up their spot for someone who deserves it more (Hardin). However, the article does not specify what makes any person more worthy of salvation than the others. If one bases value on the amount of time possessed, then surely the children are the most important lives. However, the elderly have gained experience and wisdom, both of which contain value. And what if the person given a spot by the sacrifice of another gives up his spot as well? This means that the first person’s sacrifice was meaningless. How does one determine which life has more value in these circumstances?
Museums and art enthusiasts spend a lot of money on works of art. Why are certain paintings more valuable than others? There are not a limited amount of paintings. Perhaps it is impossible to truly calculate value, because the perception of value differs between individuals. A critic would value a beautiful piece of artwork more than an average piece, and would consequently spend more money or

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