What Is The Values Of The Last Samurai

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2.0 Content and Analysis
2.1 Culture and Leadership
The Last Samurai is a beautiful movie which consists of many values. For example, leadership. Algren as a military advisor, the American civil war veteran who have been offered by the Japanese to train the Japanese government army. In this movie, Algren has always been a charming leader. Captain Algren’s leading skills are still impressive even when he’s in a weak condition. Although Algren is wounded yet he still struggles desperately until he is collapse. He killed the executioner with the staff’s spear tip when he is about to conquer the fight. The value of not giving up has shown in Algren as a leader. Besides that, a leader require the ability to influence which is seen through Algren
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Algren cannot be depicting as immoral, even though he is one of them. Algren decided to save the Japanese people from his own culture. In this case, Said’s Orientalism is applicable because it follows the popular Hollywood depiction of the white male saving the East Asian culture. Japan prevailing against the modernization of the western world in the end of this movie. This does not mean that the East is obsolete or the West is better. The Last Samurai shows the people of Japan can be outstanding on their own without the West. They are able to maintain its customs and traditions by not relying to the west. In this sense, it is better to use Said’s Orientalism view to analyse the 20th century movie when there is a need to differentiate the pros of west and cons of East (Lim,…show more content…
The behaviour of Latin American which is more towards individualism has much different compared to the behaviour of Asian culture which is more towards collectivism. American tends to think more about themselves whereas Japanese culture is more about entire group. Algren, an American representative is more concern about the wealth and himself whereas the Japanese Samurai are worried about the economy and their army being trained. Therefore, Algren showed disrespectful attitude to the Japanese Samurai at first and the Japanese consulate. His rudeness during their conversation gave a bad impression to the Japanese. Thus, it caused dissatisfaction in between Algren and the Samurais. In conclusion, conflict can happen easily when two different cultures meet up without a proper communication. Therefore, it should be handled well so that the conflict can be avoided (Dereck,

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