What Is The Vive Leather Pill Case

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EASY ORGANIZATION: Easily organize and manage prescriptions, vitamins and supplements for each week.
COLOR-CODED DAYS: Each day of the week has a designated color to eliminate confusion
CONVENIENT COMPARTMENTS:Four time-of-day compartments for morning, noon, evening and bedtime doses
TRAVEL SIZE:Small enough to easily fit in purses, travel bags or briefcases
DURABLE LEATHER: Protective case made of durable leather with a secure button closure

Product Description:

Sleek Vive leather pill organizer easily manages weekly medications and supplements.

The Vive leather pill case conveniently holds seven days worth of prescription medications, vitamins and supplements. Each color-coded day has four compartments to schedule pills for morning, noon, evening or bedtime doses. The transparent lids are easy to open, yet
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Question1: Is the exterior of the Vive leather pill case blank, for the sake of privacy?
Answer 1: The exterior of the case has the Vive logo on the front only.

Question 2: Is the Vive pill organizer BPA free
Answer 2: Yes, the PP plastic used for the organizer is BPA free.

Question 3: How many pills can I fit in each section of the Vive leather pill organizer?
Answer 3: The number of pills that each section holds will vary with the shape and dimension of each type of pill.

Question 4: How big is the case for the Vive leather pill organizer?
Answer 4: The case itself measures approximately 7.5” x 4.8”.

Question 5: How small is each compartment in the Vive pill organizer?
Answer 5:*answer required*


For managing and organizing weekly medications, vitamins and supplements.


PP plastic
PU plastic

Leather case- black
Pill boxes- various colors

What’s included:
Vive leather pill organizer
Vive pill splitter

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