What Is The World Cup And The Process Of Selecting Teams For A Team?

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The text that I read was an article about the World Cup and the process of selecting teams for each group. It explains how there are three hats filled with the names of three nations and each nation will be drawn from those hats at random and placed in eight groups. The first hat consists of the best teams and Russia, since they are the host nation. The article’s focus was primarily on France’s soccer team and their potential group for the World Cup. The article also talked briefly about the ceremony that is taking place on Friday when the groups are selected and the famous soccer players that will be there to host the process. As well as describing the process of selecting groups from each pot, the article explains the rules and…show more content…
I also had trouble with vocabulary words that were used frequently throughout the article such as “le tirage”. It took me a while to decipher this word as draw and the only reason I was able to was because of how much it was used throughout the article and from the context of the article. Using the context of the article and words surrounding was the easiest way for me to decipher hard vocab. I found the future tense to be very easy because of all the studying we did in class. I was able to successfully understand all future verbs such as when the article said “Le tirage déterminera”. The verb “déterminera” naturally processed in my mind as I read it as a futur simple conjugation. I didn’t understand the grammar in this sentence “De sorte à répartir les 32 équipes en huit groupes”. I know the last part of it is about the 32 teams in 8 groups, but I don’t know what the “de sorte à repartir” part means. Particularly, why there is a “à” in between the conjugated verb and the infinitive. I thought that “à” means “at”. I don’t really know what that type of grammar is called, but I found it very confusing and hard to understand. While reading the article,
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