What Is The Zachman Framework

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Q.2: Summary of Zachman Framework and its comparison with iterative model. What is Zachman Framework? : The Zachman Framework is known to be an enterprise ontology and also known to be a very fundamental structure for Enterprise Architecture which gives a unique, formal and a structured way of viewing, and defining an enterprise. The ontology revolves around two dimensional classification schema which reflects an intersection between the two historical classifications. The first one’s are the primitives interrogatives i.e. What, How, Who, Where, When, and Why. The second one is the philosophical concept of reification, the transformation and conversion of an abstract idea into an instantiation. Introduction: Zachman Framework is a logical structure which provides/gives us a comprehended representation of one of the information technology enterprise. This Framework will allow or gives ease to the developer or the software company for multi-purpose perspectives and reasons and also differentiates the categories with respect to business point of view. In 1987, a man who named John Zachman represented his idea in front…show more content…
How it works: Zachman Framework collects and purifies/cleanses the principles/theories/golden words from other methodologies. There is a structure or a framework that doesn’t depends on any of the tools and methodologies/methods which aren’t being used in any particular IT business or firm. In this framework, the perspectives and the tasks to be done are defined very much clearly that they relate the rules, regulations and abstractions in a very well-defined manner. This framework specifies a 36-cell table in a format which includes six (6) rows with the following specifications: o Scope. o Business
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