What Is Therapeutic Cloning

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Cloning has been a hot topic for many in the medical field and regular people. One of the new ideas for cloning is organ. Organ cloning is a process many doctors and scientists are interested in. Organ cloning is a process that can many benefits for humans. The possibility of using that organ cloning can become enormous. The one thing it could make it is easier for people whose need transplants to get one. It could also make the chance that the body will reject the organ to zero. While the idea of organ cloning is a great and interest idea there still some ways to go before we can actually do it. The one chance for the success of organ cloning is therapeutic cloning. Therapeutic cloning is a process in which DNA is extracted from the people…show more content…
Therapeutic cloning being a new process and not fully tested the cost is an estimate. Therapeutic cloning can be broken down to find this estimate. The first cost come from an egg donor. Vitro fertilization clinics generally pay egg donor $3,000 to $5,000, so it can be assumed that it would be that most for the eggs for therapeutic cost. The next cost is from the operation of the therapeutic cloning, which would be $1,000 per cost. The cost for one therapeutic cloning on one egg could be $30,000 to $50,000. The cost of 100 eggs from 10 donors could cost $30,000 to $50,000, which after adding he cost of the operation end up at $300,000 to $500,000. While the cost seems high $50,000 or $500,000 it should be known that it an estimate at the highest it could cost, but the lowest could be $30,000 per egg and $300,000 for 100. There are also the benefits that help prove the cost is work the price. One of the benefit is the no more wait list. The person would not have to be on a wait that could take up to 10 years to actually get an organ. There is a huge chance that the person waiting could die while waiting for his or her organ. The second benefit is that is it a perfect match for your body, meaning no chance of rejecting. The reason why having no chance the body rejects the organ is good money wise, because it means no chance you need another surgery. If the body reject the organ it means another…show more content…
There are people who are against the idea of organ cloning. One reason people are against organ cloning is because of the use of stem cells. The stem cells that are used are created by destroying a pre-embryo, that is the reason people have a problem with it. There are some that believe life start at pre-embryos. This mean creating stem cells are killing a life. The second issue people have with organ cloning is the idea man is playing God. In their mind, no person should be able to create any type of life, which is not nature. There is another side which counters the idea of some of the ethical issues that is brought up. The issue stem cells can be counter by harvesting them from sources. The other sources are from bone marrows, umbilical cord, and spare embryos. Out of the other sources using spare embryos is the best option, because spare embryos are embryos that hospital are going to destroy anyway. If the hospital is going to destroy them, they could be used to help people is one way some people think. When it could to the belief that pre-embryo is seem as being alive there are some who disagree. Some says pre-embryo is just a collection of cells with DNA, and not alive. They say if it has no brain, heart, and limbs then it cannot be justified as a living human being. A living human has to have some type of brain waves and heartbeat. If pre-embryo don’t have no brain is
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