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Poetry is the representation of mental thoughts, it symbolize all the conflicts that dominate the poets mind either from childhood memories or impressions laid down by the society which is always in the process of gradual change. Every writer has something beforehand in mind which acts as an inspiration for his/her writing. Every poet after being inspired need to present his mental agony or bliss in a way that he be able to make his reader fathom the real and core meaning of the issues tossing in his mind. The poet revamps and tries to convey his message in the form of words which may or may not convey what he/she actually wants, so as at times vocabulary couldn’t find the appropriate word for a feeling. The poets cannot claim and remain adamant…show more content…
She took birth in a well educated family already in deep love with literature. She grew with her two siblings, all of them were educated at home by a tutor. Her father also used to teach them and it is from him they learnt literarily studies and culture. The family belonged to the upper Hindu class but for some reasons converted to Christianity, it happened when Toru was very small. Toru learnt French and English and in late stages Sanskrit as well. Toru and her sister developed deep love for English and French literature after the family travelled to Europe and later to England. She translated French poems into English which reflects her clear understanding of both English & French languages. Toru the lover of her roots had Indian mythos and legends in her mind, she used to listen Hindu myths and legends form her mother in her childhood. All this happened to lay a marked influence on the poetry of Toru…show more content…
The Ballads consists of number of Indian mythical stories which originally in Sanskrit are very faithfully being translated into English by this young girl. This work reflects another great quality of Toru as a storyteller. Her narrative and descriptive techniques are very well presented in Ancient Ballads. If we keenly go through the poem Savitri which is the opening poem of the Ancient Ballads her understanding of the Hindu mythology and tales can be best noted here. This poem being very long is the message for entire women living on earth, it describes how the character of a women should be, the portrayal of Savitri is the portrayal of every women. Toru represents Savitri as an example for all the women, her qualities and virtues need to be followed by all the women. In the following lines Toru very beautifully describes the firmness of Savitri who remain adhered to her choice even though she knew the fate of her choice( her groom)

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